Open & Affirming

Pride 2020


At the First Congregational Church of Sheffield, our welcome to all people is simple: whoever you are, wherever you are on life’s journey, you are always welcome here!

However, our world is not simple, and we acknowledge that it is far more diverse than we have previously imagined and that, historically, we have been far less inclusive than we are called to be.
So, let it be known that, in Christ, we celebrate, affirm and embrace the rich diversity of God’s good creation. We seek to be a fully inclusive and welcoming community of faith because we believe that God desires our oneness with all people, everywhere, and we long for the day when we may all be one.
Affirming and celebrating this diversity, we invite people of every sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, racial and cultural identity, age, ability, economic circumstances, faith background and family structure to share fully in the ministry, leadership and fellowship of this congregation’s life in Christ.
Seeking to follow the example of Jesus Christ who welcomed all into his embrace, and mindful of the often painful history of LGBTQ people in the church, we join with other Open and Affirming congregations of the United Church of Christ to stand with and enthusiastically affirm the right of LGBTQ people to participate fully in the life of this congregation.
We are people on a continuing journey seeking justice in our neighborhood and world, relying on the presence of Christ’s Spirit to show us when and where we are to serve.
God’s love excludes no one and neither do we.

Reverend Jill Graham with our PRIDE CELEBRATION 2021 guest story teller, Rev. Yolanda!
Our 2021 PRIDE CELEBRATION featured many fabulous LGBTQ performers.